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Market Research

We continuously monitor global and regional market trends, segments, and developments in the life sciences, genetics, genomics, precision medicine, healthcare information technology, and clinical diagnostics space to help integrate and advance your brand or product in targeted markets.

Market Research Services

  • Define target markets, pain points, and unmet needs.
  • Define competitive landscape and perform differentiation analysis.
  • Define horizontal and vertical ecosystem for best choice of strategic partner.
  • Analyze current and future markets, including market sizing and forecasting.
  • Conduct end-user interviews to understand brand perception.
  • Perform high level or detailed market-research.
  • Perform product pricing research.
  • Conduct product, market, or user surveys.

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Product Strategy

Our unique experience and background allows us to understand and speak the language of the life scientist – a required prerequisite when working with software solutions that address a researcher’s workflow. Our experienced process applies different concepts that are predominantly based on voice-of-customer as well as secondary market research data gathering and analysis.

Product Strategy Services

  • Define target markets, pain points, and unmet needs.
  • Characterize target user, buyer personas, and market segmentation.
  • Implement product life cycle process.
  • Develop short and long-term product roadmap.
  • Gather and communicate product requirements.
  • Articulate value propositions.
  • Manage alpha and beta product testing.
  • Define a game plan for product launch.
  • Conduct user surveys and interviews.
  • Define a go-to-market strategy.
  • Generate market and user specific use cases.

Read the Lab7 Systems’ customer spotlight – a product definition, strategy, and positioning use case. (Lab7 Systems is now L7 Informatics)

Varshal Davé, VP of Sales and Marketing & Chief Product, Positioning, Promotion Officer

“Lab7 consists of a small team and we are always strapped for resources. By working with enlightenbio, we were in a position to do the upfront product research that is often overlooked and not prioritized in early startup companies. We were able to articulate the product requirements, the MVP, and product roadmap needed to develop a successful market- and user-based product. enlightenbio, with its critical expertise, was able to research and translate end-users needs and pain points into product specifications in a cost-effective and timely manner. This process enabled us to focus on the product development side and get ahead of the competition!”

Marketing Strategy

Our unique experience and background not only allows us to understand and speak the language of the life scientist but also to translate product capabilities into customer facing messaging that convincingly communicates a product offering that addresses specific customers’ needs and challenges.

Brand, positioning, and messaging

  • Build a brand for your company, including emotional values.
  • Define the voice and tone of your brand.
  • Define ideal customer(s) for your product (user and buyer personas).
  • Create a competitive positioning strategy.
  • Create a positioning statement.
  • Create value propositions for the different customer personas and jobs.

Got-to-market strategy

  • Define the target market with its competitors.
  • Deliver unique value proposition to customers to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Develop social media strategy.
  • Develop marketing campaign.

Technical / scientific writing & content development

Our team of scientists and technical writers excels at formulating scientific content and product information for the intended audience. We combine scientific expertise with communication skills that ensures excellence. We excel in authoring:

  • Byline articles, white papers, technical notes, and case studies.
  • Marketing collateral and newsletters.
  • Scientific posters.
  • Website and blog content.
  • Press releases.
Tal Behar, Co-Founder & President

“enlightenbio has done an outstanding job in capturing PMWC’s voice and content we wanted to be associated with. They succeeded in converting our thoughts and ideas into engaging, inspiring, and actionable content. As a result, we saw a tremendous increase in social media followers and conference registrations. enlightenbio taking over content generation for us, allowed us to focus on more relevant day-to-day activities.”

Scientific Content Curation

Customized scientific content acquisition and management solutions that optimizes data interpretation tools and services. Content solutions may include integrating and curating additional new content, management of ongoing curation processes, and development of customized content databases. For our unique experience and background see About.

Content curation services

  • Efficient mining of published data to meet each client’s specific content needs.
  • Develop and manage customized data acquisition projects that are quickly scalable and rigorously verified by our in-house quality control team.
  • Content curation protocol development.
  • Ontology and vocabulary development.
  • Database development.
  • Biological literature curation process management.
  • Content extraction projects.
  • 3rd party content licensing.
  • Providing and managing knowledge extraction services for drug development, disease understanding, ontology and synonym library generation.

Read the Cypher Genomics’ customer spotlight – a clinical content curation use case.(Cypher Genomics is now part of Human Longevity).

Ashley van Zealand, PhD, MBA – Chief Technology Officer

“By working closely with enlightenbio, our small project team was able to tackle complex curation tasks, without employing and training a specialized content team in-house. enlightenbio, with its critical expertise, was able to quickly translate our requirements into an efficient content curation process, delivering high quality content in a cost-effective and timely manner. This process allowed us to reach our content and commercial milestones and we are delighted to continue our partnership with enlightenbio on other content curation efforts!”

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