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Unique, qualitative market research reports that build on data gathered from many end user interviews combined with an extensive analysis of the clinical genomics, genetics, and precision medicine sector providing trusted insights for all your business, product, and market questions.

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Industry News

A listing of the latest industry news in genomics, genetics, precision medicine, and beyond, updated and added to on a regular basis – contains key highlights that we consider to be of importance to be shared with the community.

Expert Network

enlightenbio connects companies with subject matter experts with deep industry knowledge, who can provide market insights backed by human expertise to guide the future of drug discovery, translational medicine, diagnostics, and healthcare.

  • We provide engagement opportunities for experts in research, the clinic, healthtech, computational scientists, engineers, and consultants.
  • We provide access to expert resources, such as leading researchers in academia, physicians in medical organizations, KOLs, founders, consultants, and high-level officials to get first-hand access to valuable information, data, or assistance.

Experts / Advisors: Help guide the future of drug discovery, translational medicine, new product developments, diagnostics, and our healthcare system by providing up-to-date industry insights.

Clients: Stay informed, validate hypotheses or business challenges, leverage new market and product insights, and make informed business decisions by tapping into our global professional network.

Expert Network Benefits

  • Get paid (at your rate): to consult and share your valuable time, opinions, or product testing results.
  • Be an influencer: by guiding future product developments and sharing your product insights.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility: and contribute as little or as much of your time based on your schedule.
  • Be assured about confidentiality: as we will never sell or share any of your personal information to third parties.

Join our exclusive network of academic, medical, and industry healthcare professionals and consult with innovative businesses, decision-makers, and leading investors.

We’d love to discuss your project to help you deliver it.


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