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Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports

Database of Biomarker Curated from US Oncology Trials – December 2021


This report provides insights into biomarkers being explored in interventional, active oncology trials in the US. The database platform helps track biomarkers used in trials across therapy classes, cancer indications, and sponsors. It includes >2,500 captured and curated, active oncology clinical trials in the US. The data extracted from each trial includes biomarkers, biomarker functions, therapy classes, trial phases, cancer indications, start and completion dates, enrollment, sponsors, and therapies.

This biomarker data enables pharma, diagnostics, and research tools companies to identify emerging biomarkers of interest, assess competitive landscape, and prioritize biomarker developments.

The file delivered is a Tableau Workbook with 10 tabs – requires downloading the free version of the Tableau Reader at https://www.tableau.com/reader.

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Warehousing Clinical & Genomics Biomedical Data – A Challenges & Needs Analysis Report – May 2021

$645.00 – $975.00

Our “Warehousing Clinical & Genomics Biomedical Data – A Challenges & Needs Analysis Report” analyzes the observations and learnings across the complex components of biomedical data warehousing, querying, and collaboration to further clinical applications via population studies, data querying, and validation of research findings.

Twenty-one (21) end user interviews from eighteen (18) medical research organizations provided insights into medical industry and end users’ unmet biomedical (clinical & genomics) data needs and challenges. A deep level analysis provides optimal genomic data generation, data flow, and intelligence data platform requirements that support the interplay between clinical research and clinical genomics. This 47-page report includes 8 Figures and 17 Tables.

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Clinical Genomics Report – The Interplay Between Clinical Research & Clinical Diagnostics – February 2021

$2,595.00 – $5,295.00

This new, qualitative report provides an in-depth analysis across the complex, multi-step clinical genomics data process (which includes genomic data generation, data flow, and data warehousing), clinical genomics data solution providers, market trends, technologies impacting clinical genomics applications development, clinical genomics adoption challenges, and a detailed challenge & needs analysis as identified in discussions with clinical end users.

This 280-page Clinical Genomics Report consists of 13 Figures, 95 Tables, 14 comprehensive Medical Organization Profiles, and 20 comprehensive Company Profiles

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Analytics of the Microbiome Landscape – September 2020

$1,750.00 – $7,000.00

This report provides insights into the transformational microbiome landscape. It is a rigorous assessment of industry trends with detailed segmentation across publications, grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activities. The report is based on real world evidence that will drive actionable insights. Unearth data driven intelligence to power marketing campaigns, fundraising, investor pitches, and business/corporate development activities. Tap into premium data sources that leverage NLP and relational search paradigm to uncover relevant data points, all in one package.

The file delivered is a Tableau Workbook with 20 tabs – requires downloading the free version of the Tableau Reader at https://www.tableau.com/reader.

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Fiona Nielsen, Founder & CEO

This NGS Process Report has a lot of very valuable data to gain an overview of the field of NGS companies in kits and analytics. The summarized user interviews are excellent. enlightenbio succeeded in encapsulating the current “NGS space” status quo and summarizing the observed challenges and market trends. This report is highly recommended for commercial companies and investors in the space.

Report Sales

Organizations that have purchased one or several or our market intelligence reports include emerging and innovative start-ups, venture capitalists, and established biopharma companies.

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