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Product Management and Marketing Consulting Services

Boutique Consultancy Providing Product Strategy and Market Intelligence to Precision Medicine Industries

Our mission is to help our clients develop, launch, and market exceptional products. Founded in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide a conduit between research and related technical and analytical resources. Our company consists of PhD level research scientists who bring decades of industry experience and expertise in the biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, pharma, and life science research markets to the table. We are dedicated to communicating in the researcher’s language, identifying unmet needs, and understanding product development. Our goals are aligned to researcher’s needs to increase productivity. Our background with our future-focused outlook makes us a resourceful and exciting alternative to traditional product management, marketing, and market intelligence consulting companies. Our comprehensive knowledge of the market we live and breathe is invaluable to our partnerships and potential.

Our Team

We are a unique team of life scientists with years of industry experience in software tool development for the management, analysis, and knowledge extraction of genomics data in research, drug discovery, and the clinical setting

Brigitte Ganter, PhD – Founder & Managing Director

With 15 years of industry experience in the life science sector, she speaks and understands the researcher’s language and knows their unmet needs. She brings to the table her technical product management expertise in genomics analysis software tool development and product marketing. After her postdoc at Stanford University, Brigitte worked in industry-leading companies such as Iconix Biosciences, Ingenuity Systems, and DNAnexus, working on large-scale microarray data analysis, toxicogenomics, and solutions for next-generation sequence data management and analysis.

Technical / scientific expertise

  • Software omics tool development
  • Life sciences product launch
  • Web- & cloud-based services
  • Product marketing, incl. product launch, campaign management, events and social programs management
  • Oncology, pharmacology, toxicogenimcs, drug discovery, and efficacy analysis
  • Microarray and next-generation sequence data analysis
  • Pathway tool analysis

Brigitte on LinkedIn
Brigitte on Twitter

Anne Sarver, PhD – Consulting Director, Content Product Strategy

Anne has more than a decade of experience in biocuration, content database management, and bioanalysis solutions. Anne worked as a Senior Content Scientist at Ingenuity Systems (now a Qiagen company) where she designed and populated new content database models for storage of curated literature and pathway findings to support multiple bioinformatic solutions including Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and Variant Analysis products. Prior to Ingenuity Anne was the Research Manager at the Pacific Vascular Research Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco and a Program Officer at the Institute for OneWorld Health. Anne earned her PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the University of California San Francisco and a Certificate in Project Management from University of Berkeley. Anne brings her industrial and academic experience to develop content strategy solutions for enlightenbio customers.

Technical / scientific expertise

  • Content acquisition strategy and protocol development
  • Content database model design
  • Biological literature curation process management
  • Content acquisition and 3rd party content licensing project management
  • Ontology and vocabulary development
  • Curation of biological pathways
  • Statistical analysis of large-scale NGS, microarray, and RT-PCR data sets

Anne on LinkedIn

Cristin Smith, MBA – Content Marketing & Account Manager

Cristin brings a decade of marketing and product development experience in the life science industry to enlightenbio. She is excited to utilize this experience to optimize your company’s internet presence so that you can focus on the science. Cristin previously played an integral role in initiating DNAnexus’ social media marketing presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She has also organized and coordinated workshops and trade show exhibits at top industry conferences. Earlier in her career, she contributed to the research and development of several successful food testing and forensic science products at Applied Biosystems (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). Cristin has a BS in Genetics and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing Management.

Technical / scientific expertise

  • Life sciences product launch
  • Web- & cloud-based services
  • Product marketing, incl. product launch, campaign management, events and social programs management
  • Next-generation sequence data analysis

Cristin on LinkedIn

enlightenbio is well connected to a network of additional subject matter experts in the area of pharmacogenomics, immunology, large scale data analysis, next-generation sequencing data, and software tool evaluations and trainings, thus further broadening expertise and skills that can be applied to benefit any customer’s program.

Join Us 

This is an excellent consulting opportunity for individuals with training in biology or medicine who want to contribute to the advancement of science. We are currently recruiting senior content curators and quality control scientists with deep knowledge of human genetics and/or molecular biology who have experience working on deadline and quality-driven projects in a customer-oriented environment. Client projects typically involve curation from a variety of sources of biomedical content on topics such as the genetics of disease and molecular and cellular biology. Individuals will work on the collaborative development and refinement of content curation protocols, curate content, and/ or verify the quality of content curated by other scientists. Please send a copy of your resume to info@enlightenbio.com. If it looks like there is a match, we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Customers and Partners

Some of our current and past customers include emerging and innovative start-up companies in genomics, personalized medicine, and business intelligence. We support(ed) them in developing, launching, and marketing exceptional products.


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