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Thank you for your interest in partnering with enlightenbio. Over the years we have created a uniquely, targeted audience rich in life science researchers, stakeholders, and decision-makers across the various sectors of academia, pharma, and the healthcare industry. Besides providing extensive consulting services within these sectors which keeps us close to the pulse of new developments within the areas of genetics, genomics, and precision medicine, we provide monthly news updates, science focused articles, and publish information about exciting new companies and industry trends.

Underwriting Opportunities

Reach a highly targeted audience of life science researchers and key stakeholders in genomics, genetics, new technologies (e.g. CRISPR, blockchain, liquid biopsy), and clinical research across healthcare, academia, pharma, as well as the commercial and the investment sector.

  • Monthly newsletter:  Underwriting the monthly newsletter provides a great opportunity to increase your visibility within a highly targeted audience – our monthly newsletter summarizes recent industry trends and news across the various disciplines that advance clinical applications, precision medicine, drug discovery and development, data analysis, and more.
  • Website:  Advertising on our news and articles sites, via strategically placed banner ads, help you promote your organization, a webinar, a new product launch, or a conference and creates deep awareness among a highly targeted audience. Contact us to request a copy of our media kit.
  • Job postings:  Promoting new job openings across the life science community with a focus on genetics, genomics, and precision medicine and for a variety of job levels helps recruiting companies to reach the most focused target audience. Contact us to learn more about submitting your job opening.
  • Featured articles:  You are an individual, a commercial entity, or a news writer and have a sector-relevant story to tell and want to reach our focused audience then contact us now.

Social media services

Engage with potential customers, create a recognizable identity, improve search engine ranking, drive repeat business/sales, and spread the word about your science and your business.

  • Management of social media services: Let us manage your social media outlets and develop social media pages and messaging that increases your follower-base and fits with your company’s goals. We specialize in working with and offer our services to ‘omics, molecular diagnostics, genetics, personalized medicine, sequence data management, analysis or visualization, and interpretation tool provider companies. Learn more about our social media services or contact us for details.

Contact us to learn more about the various partnership opportunities.


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