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About the enlightenbio News Portal

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the news.enlightenbio.com site.

Content currently available on the enlightenbio News Portal (updated every hour with new content):

High-Level News/Articles Functionalities

  • Quickly identify press releases or news articles freshly released within the hour.
  • Quickly identify number of press release and news articles released for a given time frame.
  • Filter returned articles by preselected keywords and sub-keywords (e.g., genomic testing, precision medicine, and RWE) and chronologically (e.g., 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, and All)
  • Search over the entire content of press releases and news articles in the database
    • Search for content using AND, OR, and in quotes to keep words together (e.g., “precision medicine” or “CRISPR technologies”) for a given search.
  • Link directly to news article and press releases and read the full length article(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the enlightenbio News Dashboard?

The News Dashboard is a gateway to the latest news and articles in the area of genetics, genomics, precision medicine, and related life science fields. It allows you to quickly identify the latest news, and filter and search articles of interest.

The premise is to reduce the time to find the latest news in the area of genomics, genetics, and precision medicine without visiting several news outlets or weed through noise via alternative search tools that do not have a focused content.  

Do I have to pay anything for using the News Dashboard?

No, the News Dashboard is completely free and available to all individuals across the commercial, academia, and the pharma sectors for browsing, filtering, and linking to the original source of articles.

For interested parties enlightenbio can customize this dashboard to support specific research needs, including customized functionality and content (public and proprietary content) with the aim to support your specific needs to track the latest headlines, research activities, or updates related to your competition. Get in touch with us to learn more how we can adapt the News Dashboard to your specific needs. 

How is the News Dashboard different from other available news sites?

The News Dashboard key value lies in the fact that individuals across the precision medicine industry (and beyond) can now find press releases and news articles in one location optimized for the specific sector of industry.

What news articles and press releases from what sources are currently available on the News Dashboard?

Currently (as of May 2022) the site integrates content from 10 different content sources, including:

As of January, 2023 (8.30AM PDT) there are 37,923 press releases and news article in the database – new content is added/updated every hour.

  • The first content pulls were initiated October 2021. Some content goes back to September 2020.
  • On average about 150-600 articles are added on a daily basis dependent on the day of the week.

How exactly do the filters work?

The filter menu to the left of the News Dashboard allows you to refine your results based on a number of pre-defined keywords for the articles returned. The filters listed are driven by what your search has returned in the results section, thus making them much more specific to your inquiry. Selecting a set of filters will refine the results content in real-time.

The number in parentheses indicates how many articles for the specified time frame have been identified for the set of pre-defined keywords.

How frequently is the content updated?

New content is added on an hourly basis. New content sources will be added in regular intervals.

How can I search for articles based on different keywords?

The search capabilities implemented allow you to quickly find articles of interest.

We have implemented a simple AND or OR logic, but you can also search in quotes to keep words together as a term in a given search.

Can I request new content to be incorporated in the News Dashboard?

Yes, you can submit one or many content sources to be included in the News Dashboard. Use the Connect with us link.

Can I request new or improved functionality to navigate the News Dashboard?

Yes, you can submit a request via the connect with us link.

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