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Given the exciting times we are living in right now, sometimes it feels like we have hit the data jackpot. Consider the fields of biology and health care, which are changing rapidly and churning out big data thanks to constantly evolving technology developments. Even just a couple of years ago, we would never have imagined the phenomenal pace of progress in this area.


Being able to contribute to some of these efforts is enormously valuable — but also challenging as the information flow never ceases. With the availability of big data, many new initiatives in research and health care, the reduced (and continuously dropping) cost of sequencing and its accompanying computational advances, there will be a tremendous impact on the life sciences. It will affect both research and clinical applications, contribute to disease understanding, aid in the preclinical and clinical drug development process, and much more.

To help companies and researchers make the most of this pivotal time, we have formed enlightenbio, a strategic consulting firm focused on optimizing product management, development, and marketing. We are a unique team of life scientists building on 25 years of experience in software tool development for the management, analysis, and knowledge extraction of genomics data in research, drug discovery, and the clinical setting. We have been members of industry-leading companies such as Iconix Biosciences, Ingenuity Systems, and DNAnexus, working on large-scale microarray data analysis, toxicogenomics, and solutions for next-generation sequence data management and analysis.

Our mission is to help companies or individual researchers achieve their goals faster. As a result, we are constantly researching the domain to stay on top of new developments. We want to know who publishes what paper, what content databases are built or made available, what initiatives are started to address or understand what larger questions, who are the key players and what are their contributions, what is the latest software solution available to analyze and interpret biological data — and lots more. While doing this research, we will accumulate information that we would like to share with readers like you. So we hope to engage you in some of the discussions or simply share the knowledge we come by. Stay tuned and follow our blog – come back often to join the conversation.


Brigitte Ganter


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