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Let’s get social while you focus on your science and business

First off, I am so excited to now be a part of the enlightenbio team. Second, I’m thrilled to play a role in social media management for our customers. As you all know, social media is such an essential part of who we are as individuals and as companies. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are just a few of the social sites that have become part of our everyday lives. They have changed how people connect and how organizations succeed. Now more than ever, it is important to meet your customers where they are – online!  Maintaining corporate social pages can help ensure that potential customers learn about your offering and see your company as a leader in the space. With this, I am excited to announce that enlightenbio now offers custom social media management services! Let us run your campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites, so that you can focus on the science while benefiting from a stellar social presence. We’ll leverage our life science domain and marketing expertise to create a successful custom strategy for your business.Social_Infographic_Leverage Infographic credit: Leverage.


We will begin by working with you to develop social media pages and messaging that increases your follower-base and fits with your company’s goals. Once the fundamentals above are completed, we will begin to create, manage, and post relevant updates and announcements. Very quickly, you will be able to reap the benefits of going social. It will enable you to engage with potential customers, create a recognizable identity, improve search engine ranking, drive repeat business/sales, and spread the word. Our training in marketing AND the life sciences allows us to intelligently represent your company’s voice in a manner that speaks to scientists. We, therefore, specialize in working with and offer our services to ‘omics, molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, sequence data management, analysis or visualization, and interpretation tool provider companies. Ready to get social? Sign up now to get started right away or contact us to learn more or discuss your custom requests.


Cristin Smith


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