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PierianDx Announces Expanded Partnership with Illumina to Support Cancer Genomic Reporting in Global Markets

Additional Illumina assays to be combined with the PierianDx platform to reduce time, cost, and complexity of genomic reporting 

St. LOUIS, MO., DECEMBER 1, 2020 — PierianDx, the leading clinical genomics informatics company, today announced an expanded partnership with Illumina to enable PierianDx genomic reporting solutions for use with AmpliSeqTM for Illumina® Focus Panel, AmpliSeqTM for Illumina® Myeloid Panel and the TruSight™ Hereditary Cancer Panel. Adding these panels expands the existing relationship between Illumina and PierianDx, which currently covers use of the PierianDx platform to support genomic reporting in key global markets for the TruSight Oncology 500 portfolio.

Performing a comprehensive NGS test and delivering an accompanying genomic report were once only accomplished via a send-out test to a commercial lab.  However, in performing tests as send-outs, healthcare organizations relinquish control over samples, turnaround time, and quality. The PierianDx platform enables healthcare organizations to accelerate their precision medicine programs by empowering them to create accurate, timely, and comprehensive clinical genomic reports in-house. 

Illumina’s Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phil Febbo said: “PierianDx has demonstrated its commitment to best-in-class variant reporting solutions. We are excited to expand our partnership to cover the AmpliSeqTM suite of panels which are optimized for clinical cancer research.”

PierianDx develops Clinical Genomics Workspace™, which consists of intuitive software and a robust clinical Knowledgebase which transforms unstructured variant information into a highly-structured and usable clinical genomic report. In use by academic medical centers, cancer centers, reference laboratories, and healthcare organizations worldwide, it helps users accurately and rapidly classify and interpret variants to produce a physician-ready report.

Lincoln Nadauld, Vice President and Chief of Precision Medicine and Genomics, Intermountain Healthcare explains, “Our partnership with PierianDx has enabled us to advance our precision medicine program by enhancing the classification of variants, accelerating the identification of targeted therapies, and expanding clinical trial opportunities for our patients.”   

Author / sources: PierianDx / https://www.pieriandx.com/news-room/pieriandx-illumina-expandpartnership

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