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My Gene Counsel and Genomet Announce Product Partnership to Transform Cancer Care Around the Globe

With transformative digital technologies playing an increasingly critical role in health care delivery, the two companies have joined forces on a digital genomic solution that will increase efficiencies and outcomes within the highly specialized space of oncology.

NEW HAVEN, CONN. (PRWEB) December 29, 2020

My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that provides innovative genetic counseling solutions, today announced a partnership with Genomet’s VirtualBoard™ B2B telemedicine platform to offer a combined digital decision support solution for clinicians, no matter their geographic location.

The joint product offering will bring together My Gene Counsel’s comprehensive precision health platform for genetic counseling reports for clinicians and patients and Genomet’s virtual tumor board platform to allow health care systems and research foundations to draw on patient experiences, tap specific medical expertise, and explore options for therapeutics and clinical trials, all while continuously expanding their knowledge.

“Genetic testing is an essential management tool for patients and clinicians, for both hereditary cancer and tumor testing,” said Ellen Matloff, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel. “Few health systems have the resources or expertise to handle the increased demand and complexity of somatic and germline testing, especially when performed together or when somatic testing indicates potential germline findings. Oncologists and patients need point-of-care expertise in this ever-changing, active, and vital field. Together, My Gene Counsel and Genomet will help providers deliver patient-centered care using informatics and data, allowing clinicians everywhere to personalize therapeutics and care for their patients around the globe.”

Virtualization is not a new concept, but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a heightened focus and need for virtual working, which has led to an unprecedented drive for the adoption of digital tools across the entire health care industry.

The robust My Gene Counsel-Genomet solution enables any health system, anywhere, to fully appreciate best-in-class somatic and germline genetic testing by providing clinicians access to tumor board and genetic counseling expertise in real time. Clinicians and patients can now receive input from a virtual panel of experts throughout an entire health care system, or in some cases worldwide, who can weigh-in on the molecular and imaging details of their particular case. Additionally, both patients and clinicians can receive the latest information on their hereditary test results and medical management, knowing they will be notified when critical new information emerges. This joint solution can be implemented seamlessly in minutes, as it requires no EMR integration.

“The mGC-Genomet partnership is a powerful combination,” said Jai Grewal, MD, Oncologist and Chief Medical Officer at Genomet. “The virtual tumor board platform was built for collaboration on cancer care from the world’s experts. So, to collaborate with My Gene Counsel, who have in-depth knowledge and first-hand clinical experience in genetics and a true understanding of the need for digital tools to keep up with the changing field, is really exciting and will allow us to drive robust discussion among physicians and far better outcomes for patients.”

Author / source: My Gene Counsel / https://www.mygenecounsel.com/my-gene-counsel-and-genomet-announce-product-partnership/

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