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GATC Health and Liquid Biosciences Partner to Improve Drug Development & Precision Medicine Research

The Collaboration Will Leverage Innovative Technology Platforms to Help Pharma Companies Develop Drugs Faster, More Efficiently and With Higher Success Rates

January 27, 2021 07:01 AM Eastern Standard Time

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GATC Health, a pioneering technology company focused on whole genome testing and Predictive Multiomics™, and Liquid Biosciences, a leader in predictive algorithms and biomarker discovery, announced an agreement to discover disease biomarkers and identify potential treatments. By linking both companies’ innovative technology platforms, the collaboration will speed the development of new prescription drugs, improve the safety and accuracy of clinical trials and lower the cost of lengthy research cycles. The companies’ shared goal is to enable clients to get effective treatments to patients sooner and at lower cost.

“This partnership will provide a more complete picture of how a disease works and potential treatments,” said Patrick Lilley, CEO at Liquid Biosciences. “By combining our Emerge mathematical evolution platform with GATC’s comprehensive biological analysis, we can identify the right biology sooner and focus on a smaller set of potential compounds early in the preclinical development process, enabling pharma companies to develop drugs with more efficiency and a higher success rate.”

The initial pipeline of diseases slated for evaluation includes a variety of neurological diseases with significant unmet needs. Liquid Bioscience’s proprietary Emerge platform, using multi-omics assays, will agnostically discover which biological processes are involved in a particular disease. This will enable GATC Health’s innovative Multiomic Advanced Technology™ (MAT) to focus on the most important biological processes and illuminate the functional biology, model potentially influenceable pathways, and identify potential treatments for the disease.

MAT is a suite of digital neural networks designed specifically to leverage omics datasets to provide insight into human biology. The proprietary platform combines advanced computerized intelligence and quantitative omics data to model biological interactions with billions of datapoints, reducing drug discovery timelines by millions of man-hours. The unique ability to illuminate functional biology across omics modalities, including genomics, gene expression, proteomics, and microbiomics, produces the most complete picture of the biology of a disease currently available. MAT results can lead to fast-tracking drug development, pre-screening clinical trial participants, identifying new drugs and repurposing existing treatments.

“Drug prices are often driven by the high level of risk and uncertainty in drug development, along with the lengthy timeline—the process may require upwards of seven million man-hours and cost billions of dollars,” said John Stroh, Interim CEO at GATC Health. “We believe that this collaboration will accelerate the process, minimize the risks, and reduce costs. We are excited for this partnership with Liquid Biosciences and for the opportunity to enhance the drug development process and improve personalized medicine.”

Author / source: GATC Health / https://www.gatchealth.com/news-feed/liquidbio-joint-venture

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