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Genome Insight Launches in the U.S. with Innovative Whole Genome Sequencing Approach that Offers Unprecedented, Actionable Insights in Cancer Care

–CancerVision designed to democratize fast, affordable cancer analysis and diagnosis with broadened access to complete genomic information–

–Company opened San Diego-based corporate headquarters–

SAN DIEGO, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Genome Insight, a leading precision medicine and genomics company, announced today the U.S. launch of CancerVision, their innovative whole genome sequencing (WGS) test designed to provide accurate, timely and medically meaningful insights that collectively guide personalized healthcare decisions. The company also announced the opening of their corporate headquarters located in San Diego, California.

“Currently, physicians at major medical centers typically rely on targeted genomic panels to inform decisions, but that data is often incomplete,” said Dr. Young Seok Ju, Founder and Chief Genomics Officer of Genome Insight. “Up to this point, WGS has not been a viable option for cancer diagnosis because the data are too big, complex and expensive. Our advanced bioinformatics, computational analysis and medical expertise summarizes detailed cancer genome information in digestible and actionable ways for patients and physicians, translating a once distant technology into a powerful, user-friendly resource across cancer patient populations and changing the paradigm when it comes to evaluating the best treatment path forward.”

CancerVision combines state-of-the-art proprietary bioinformatics and computational sequencing of individual patient cancer samples to determine whole genome mutational profiles which are then analyzed and curated for physicians in an easy-to-use format that captures and prioritizes the most relevant and actionable insights, enabling timely decision-making including:

  • Genetic variations, including point mutations, structural variations, and gene fusions, linked to FDA-approved treatments 
  • Additional genomic findings associated with personalized treatment approaches
  • Applicable clinical trials to assist with future steps 
  • Complete access to tumor mutational burden, mutational signature, and inherited germline polymorphisms to enhance the decision-making process

The ability to understand an individual’s complete cancer genome is contingent on pinpointing previously unidentified mutations that are critical to optimize treatment, yet current targeted sequencing methods can only confirm known cancer mutations from previous cohorts. Additionally, panel designs are specific to each research institution and biased to common cancer types, which leads to variability in testing and access limitations for those not living near major cancer centers or with rare, atypical cancer types. Genome Insight’s model enables a more unbiased genome sequencing not reliant on specific panels that also democratizes access broadly to community physicians everywhere. The advanced bioinformatics and computational power enable results at a fraction of the speed and cost previously possible.

“We are an organization of medical doctors with computational know-how that enables us to harness this incredibly important data for real-time, real-world application for cancer patients and beyond,” said Jehee Suh, Chief Executive Officer of Genome Insight. “Our goal is to sequence genomic data for one million cancer patients, progressing our understanding of cancer for improved patient outcomes.”

The U.S. launch comes on the heels of data presented at the American Association of Cancer Research 2023 annual meeting in which CancerVision demonstrated a more thorough analysis of specific genetic mutations in breast cancers than traditional BRCA gene testing and a recently announced collaboration with Ultima Genomics combining the company’s proprietary bioinformatics with Ultima Genomics’ low-cost sequencing to make WGS an affordable reality for cancer patients.

Following CancerVision, Genome Insight intends to expand testing to genomic based therapeutic areas beyond cancer, including rare disease.

About CancerVision
CancerVision was designed to empower healthcare providers with the information necessary to make informed decisions tailored to an individual’s unique genomic profile. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides a more complete view (>99%) of a cancer’s genetic make-up than any other test currently available, including targeted panels and whole exome testing. CancerVision can provide detailed information about genomic mutations and other biomarkers that may be driving a patient’s cancer. This information can support healthcare providers in identifying potential treatment approaches, such as targeted therapies and clinical trials, tailored to an individual’s specific cancer type and genetic makeup.

About Genome Insight
Genome Insight is a precision medicine whole genome platform company with the goal to accelerate the use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment for cancer and rare diseases. Genome Insight’s proprietary platform is an automated WGS pipeline coupled with a bioinformatics-powered digital solution that rapidly generates meaningful medical insights, making it possible to use WGS in real-life clinical settings. Furthermore, this platform is applied in the research setting to advance novel therapeutic strategies in cancer and rare diseases. The company’s headquarters is in San Diego (US) with offices in Korea (Seoul and Daejeon) and Hong Kong. To learn more, please visit www.genomeinsight.net

Source: Genome Insight

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