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Published by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) in partnership with the ABHI (Association British HealthTech Industries), BIA (BioIndustry Association), Genomics England, and the NHS England and NHS Improvement

This report provides an overview of the UK Genomics ecosystem and what the UK can offer for export in the Genomics sector. The offer includes illustrative examples of UK suppliers capable of exporting, with company profiles and cases showcased.

The UK has long been a world leader in Genomics and welcomes you to be part of our export story. From the discovery of the structure of DNA almost 70 years ago, through our contribution to the Global Human Genome Project, to the delivery of the 100,000 Genomes Project in 2018, the UK remains at the forefront of genomics research. Today it continues to harness, the power of Genomic medicine and Science to improve health with the UK government actively investing in the UK’s Genomics capabilities to bolster its position as a Life Science Superpower.

The UK has an existing vibrant genomics sector, working with world leading institutions in Genomics including Biobank, Sanger, Genomics England. The UK government, Welsh and Scottish Governments and Northern Ireland Assembly have agreed a series of commitments to improve outcomes for patients through better genomic testing and access to clinical trials. As an established sector, there are industry networks and a vast talent pool with an ability to work with a world class science base and business environment.

With an advanced genomics sector that has benefited from sustained government funding and opportunities to work with world leading genomics efforts with organizations such as UK Biobank, Wellcome Sanger Institute (WKSI) and Genomics England (GEL). UK solutions have been developed and tested in an expert environment.

The growth in precision medicine and importance of genomic technologies, along with a focus on preventative medicine and early detection, has driven extensive innovation.

The UK Genomics Spotlight: Leading Innovations 2022 report showcases 50+ UK genomics organizations.

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