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Time Is What We Want Most – Why Wasting Any More of It?

As many of us continuously experience, combing through the latest news in any scientific research area or a given commercial sector – whether it is to stay up-to-date in a specific field, view the latest trends in emerging technologies, or keeping an eye on the competition – can be quite a time sink. Identifying the latest updates, top research articles, or product launches via google, different news outlets, and/ or social media channels can require hours and hours: Time that could be spent more productively to advance product and strategy development and drive towards solutions in pursuit of one’s goals.  

To help alleviate this major challenge, we at enlightenbio interviewed different individuals in the commercial, pharmaceutical, and academic sectors to understand their particular challenges related to quickly finding the news and articles of interest. The message received was very clear: “one is visiting different news and social media outlets across the World Wide Web to ensure completeness of daily news”. This translates into time-intensive searches through different sites and company websites.

As we all know, the issues is further exemplified by the fact that commercial companies may or may not have a press release, publish scientific results, or may prefer to come out of stealth mode and not be known until the day of product or company launch. Hence, quickly identifying the “right” news and launch article is not a small feat.

We at enlightenbio have tried to take a very different approach to address these challenges and are excited to release a proposed solution which we have named the enlightenbio News Dashboard. The News Dashboard supports the quick identification of the latest news, including filtering and searching of articles of interest in the area of precision medicine, including genomics, genetics, diagnostics, emerging technologies, AI/ML, clinical trials, next-generation sequencing, and beyond. Most importantly, the dashboard, with its focused content, reduces the time to find the latest news and articles, and as such is an effective gateway in the area of genomics, genetics, and precision medicine, and related life science fields.

What is the enlightenbio News Dashboard, besides being totally free and readily available to you?

enlightenbio’s News Dashboard is an advanced search and browse interface that identifies news and articles of interest to the precision medicine community! This is the first of its kind portal that lets an individual start looking at relevant information from the get-go. The biggest value add is the amount of time saved to find relevant news articles. Once identified in abstract or short summary form, the individual can click-through to the full length article. Furthermore, the dashboard is completely unbiased and news source-agnostic. Having said this, the News Dashboard currently incorporates articles from ten different content sources, including:

As of June 17, 2022 (2.00PM PDT) there are over 50680 press releases and news article in the database, with 18,795 filtered with specific keywords – new content is added/updated every hour.

  • The first content pulls were initiated October 2021. Some content goes back to September 2020.
  • On average about 150-600 articles are added on a daily basis dependent on the day of the week.

While the enlightenbio News Dashboard is totally free, we also offer customization of the dashboard for you to stay up-to-date one the latest trends and leaders in an emerging field or to track your competition! Get in touch with us to discuss your specific custom dashboard needs.

High level capabilities of the News Dashboard

  • Quickly identify press releases or news articles freshly released within the hour.
  • Quickly identify number of press release and news articles released for a given time frame.
  • Filter returned articles by preselected keywords and sub-keywords (e.g., genomic testing, precision medicine, and RWE) and chronologically (e.g., 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, and All)
  • Search over the entire content of press releases and news articles in the database
    • Search for content using AND, OR, and in quotes to keep words together (e.g., “precision medicine” or “CRISPR technologies”) for a given search.
  • Link directly to news article and press releases and read the full length article(s).

As mentioned above, the News Dashboard it is totally free and there are no hidden obligations when using it! All we ask for in return is that you do us a favor, and provide us with your valuable feedback. This will help you by enabling us to deliver a continuously updated and improved news and article search portal for your information gathering – you have our promise.

Consult the About page to learn more about the enlightenbio News Dashboard.

Brigitte Ganter


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